Past Event Highlights

Drinks, Food, and Friends at db Bistro Moderne

By Larry Garland, Potos by Rodney Bedsole

Larry Garland, a writer who attended our most recent dinner, with Chef
Daniel Boulud of db Bistro Moderne, has an interesting viewpoint on the fun
we have at our dinners.

Read his article here.

A Perfect Pairing: Redeye Grill & Chaplin, Chef Brando de Oliveira

By Larry Garland, Photos by Rodney Bedsole

The September 2012 occasion was an action-packed, delicious repast for the eyes and ears as well the nose and palate, but the clock was a dictator in this tale. With much to take in, our dinner at Redeye Grill needed to start early—and still it recessed quickly to accommodate Broadway’s new, earlier starting time for a Broadway show about the life of Charlie Chaplin. Following the musical performance of “Chaplin,” dinner reconvened at the restaurant, where guests rubbed elbows with members of the cast and Mindy Rich, the play’s producer from Rich Entertainment Group. Everyone was treated to fine desserts by Redeye Grill, and to mixed drinks prepared by renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern. Brian is author of the book “Vintage Cocktails.” He created a drink just for this occasion: the “Going to the Chaplin” cocktail. From dinner, to show, to after-party, the evening advanced like a tightly choreographed production—a three-act play.

Graffiti: The Little Restaurant with a Big Flavor Profile, Chef Jehangir Mehta

By Larry Garland, Photos by Rodney Bedsole

The food was as eclectic as the restaurant’s name implies: Graffiti. Chef Jehangir Mehta provided a menu as varied and wonderful as the people attending the latest Chefs to Dine For event. One of the courses featured a juicy, shredded pork nestled inside a rolled-up bread too fluffy and delicious to be called simply flatbread. Every course—right down to the dessert of truffles on strawberries with ice cream—came with its own exquisite wine pairing.

It’s always the people, though—from Lynne Ryan as the hostess to the amazing chef and staff who prepare the meal, and from the familiar faces from past events to the new and smiling faces attending their first Chefs to Dine For dinner—that make these evenings so special.

A  Manhattan Townhouse Feast, Chef David Burke

By Larry Garland, Photos by Rodney Bedsole

The chef for our evening of dining, wine, and conversation was David Burke, and the setting was his flagship East 61st Street restaurant, David Burke Townhouse. The attendance was huge, filling up this elegant restaurant. Chef David Burke was present for the entire evening, both to mingle with diners and to create a work of gastronomic art. But this was no art simply to be observed; this was performance art created with flavor rather than a painter’s brush—an interaction of a masterful chef with a diverse array of gourmands and eager foodies. Finally, the meal was topped off with a dessert trio, plus David Burke’s own creation of a cheesecake lollipop tree—with berries-and bubblegum whipped cream for dipping. One thing that makes these dining events so special is the variety of participants.

New York Beefsteak at Beacon Restaurant, Chef Waldy Malouf

By Larry Garland, Photos By Rodney Bedsole

It was communal dining at its finest. On April 3, 2012, Lynne Ryan of Chefs To Dine For teamed with Chef Waldy Malouf of Beacon restaurant in Midtown Manhattan to deliver a delightful evening of nourishment for the body and the spirit. Free-flowing food and drink, camaraderie, a group sing-along, and even a fabulous band—the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn—made the evening unforgettable for 100 plus guests at New York’s latest beefsteak. Chef Waldy Malouf, Lynne Ryan and all guests were in good company, as there were numerous top chefs and food stars in attendance. The list of those participating includes David Burke, of New York Restaurants.